Saturday, July 30, 2011

Green Juicing Day 2

 Day 2 feeling good ...lost 2 pounds!  Wen to the store and bought lots of fresh veggies.  Actually my daughter is here visiting and bought the veggies and fruits for me.  (I'm blessed to have such wonderful kids)

This mornings breakfast!  It needed ice lol.  But it tasted very good. Very healthy,  pray for me I need to go another 9 days! 

Did my Let's dance workout with the WII and that was fun.  Now off to spend time with family and maybe hit the casino.

* Make apple juice from 2 green apples.
* Make fresh vegetable juices from 4 stalks of celery, 8 stalks of bok choy (Chinese cabbage), ¼ pound of spinach and 1 punch of parsley.
* You'll have 2 cups of green juice in your fruit and vegetable juicer.
* Stir and enjoy.
Great for diet and nutrition, this juice drink helps your hair, skin, bad breath, colds, flu, digestion and gout. It's great for weight loss, cancer prevention and general cleansing.

Please let me know if you have any recipies or have done this before I would love to hear how it went. 

Thanks xxooxx


  1. Sounds Yummy... You can do it!! 2lbs is awesome girl!!

    Go Go!!! YOU :)

  2. Thanks Deb it actually is yummy i couldnt believe it lol

  3. Are you doing a complete fast? Or are you eating salads or anything in between?

  4. You should take a look at this woman's site and recipes. It is for the raw vegan lifestyle but not so far off from juicing. Juicing is raw and vegan! She makes delicious foods and can trust they all taste good. I've made 3 from her recipes already.
    or friend her on facebook

    She has some juicing recipes also...

  5. I am trying to do a complete fast no solid foods for 10 says just juice. Thanks for the recipes site I will check it out.

  6. I just made a fresh batch of green lemonade just now.... Soooooooo delicious! And believe it or not....I didn't have Kale so I used Collard Greens and it is really good...