Friday, July 29, 2011

Ten 10 Day juice fast begins - Tired of being Fat, Sick and nearly dead!

This was my breakfast: 

So you think your eating right and BAM! slap of reality most foods we eat is garbage, yes garbage.  I never really thought about the impact of food before but then i saw Fat, Sick and already dead! That opened my eyes and I really said enough is enough.  So I am taking the 10 day challange to fast on only fresh fruits and vegetables.  This will help detox my body and if it goes well I may continue for another 10 days.  Please if anyone reading this has ever done this before I would appreciate your feedback and tips on how you didn't give up!  Also any recipe's you may have for juicing would be awesome. 

I have been eating much healthier the last few months and have lost a total of 22 lbs but now I am stuck.  So this is maybe the added boost to get my metabolism started and to clean out the toxins in my body. 

So my breakfast was: 2 carrots, 1 parsnip, half head of lettuce, 2 tomatoes, 1 orange, 1 lime, 2 apples, broccoli  OMG it was awesome!! 

I will keep you posted on my progress please help me if you have done this before !!!  LOL XXOOXX

P.S I also am doing WII Lets Dance Sweat did 45 minutes this morning feeling awesome its fun and easy to do. 


  1. Awesome! I recently watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead also and have been impacted by it temendously. I had already bought a juicer a month prior to watching the film but it inspired me to go out and get more veggies and fruit to start juicing and I am amazed at how delicious the juice combinations are. Keep up the good work and I am interested in hearing about your journey...

  2. Stacy thank you so much. I also want to hear about yours and would love to share some recipies. I will post every day different combinations I have tried lol but I just need to get through each day...

  3. I've tried the green lemondae off of the fat sick and nearly dead website for reboot your life.... and I've tried the carrot, apple, kale recipe which is also very good. Now since I am strapped for cash, I am drinking just carrot and ginger juice for the last 3 days. I didn't think I would like just carrot juice but it is pretty good. With the ginger, it gives it a little spice plus it helps with inflammation because ginger is an anti inflammtory

  4. I am so inspired not only to see my daughter juicing but meeting another Facebook friend who is taking the 10 day challenge. I am challenged now on getting the juicer first. Did you juice all of the vegetables together or did you make a few combination and made different juices? Since I don't have my juicer yet, I want to collect recipes now so I can start and get the ball rolling so once my juicer arrives I can start immediately. I am anxious to hear how juicing is helping you with your OsteoArthritis.