Sunday, July 31, 2011

Who says juicing isnt fun? Day 3 down 3.5 pounds ....

Sorry for the late posting!  Mom and Dad are in town and I had to spend last night with them and at the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa!  So, I was asked if i am doing a complete fast and the answer is yes but today unfortunately I ran out of my veggies and had only a huge cantalope at my Mom's condo so I had a few slices of cantalope and 2 slices of tomatoe.  I figured both are mostly water anyway and it wouldnt hurt to much.  The torture part was I had to watch everyone else chow down on Huge Nathan Hot Dogs with Italian bread and it smelled so good....  But I made it through and now I am back home juicing for tonight and look what I made...  This is my own recipe and it is delicious!  It was so good I put it in a wine glass.  Who says juicing isnt fun or looks good!!!??  Maybe when I can I will add a shot of tequilla!!!

10 small strawberries
1 large green apple
1 large orange
4 celery stalk with leaves on

Progress for day 3 lost total of 3.5 pounds and my ankles have not swelled up and I feel great!  I have more energy (I swear I wouldnt believe it if I wasn't doing it).  Seriously for me the toughest day was day one.  Day 2 was ok day 3 I am not craving anything!!!  Unreal but true.  I do drink plenty of water and exercising is huge key something i couldn't even think of doing before because I was alwasy tired! 

I know I still have a journey of 7 more days, and I will pray i can make it because I already feel the benefits now I can imagine what it will be like in the next 7 days.  If all goes well I may try to extend it for another 5 days.  The best thing I ever did was sit on the sofa 3 nights ago and put netflix on and by accident in search I hit the f.a and fat, sick and nearly dead just said watch me and It really made me see anyone can do this and you just need to believe in yourself.  It really does make a difference. 

Until tomorrow I wish you all the best and don't give up!  Just trying is an acomplishment to keep it going you will feel so much better. 

Have a blessed day and keep on juicing!


  1. Could you tell my mother about the swelling in your ankles going down? This is why I've asked her to watch the Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead documentary because her feet are swelling and she has heart disease and diabetes in her family...

  2. Yes I will hopefully she is reading this and I told her when she gets her juicer we can set goals together and then set a date to meet when we hit those goals! She will do it and I will help her as she will help me. How long have you been juicing?

  3. I have been trying to get her to eat healthy for years. She's got a lot of health issues and eats a lot of ice cream and drinks too much coffee daily. She doesn't realize it's killing her and one day it's going to be too late. I hope I can reach her and get her really doing something good for her body and mind. She needs another person like you giving her that extra push because she's so used to putting it out of her mind so she doesn't have to actually do anything about it. But time is running out for her and her health is not getting any better...

  4. I am reading this. I didn't see this last night when I left a comment. I see my daughters concern and I acknowledge that I do eat too much ice cream and drink too much coffee. Will be getting that juicer soon and will be happy to do this together.

  5. I'm excited for you and I know you will love it. It is not easy but it gets better and when you start feeling it that's what keeps you motivated. Blogging is also a great way to keep you going because it makes you accountable to yourself.