Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday Dedication - Tao of Anxiety

 My Thursday dedication goes out to Justin!! 

Tao of Anxiety

Although I have only known Justin for a short time, I find his blogs to be very inspirational and his writing supurb!  If you have not been to Justin's blog it is a must to go there now and read it! 
Everyone I believe struggles with some type of disorder may it be, anxiety, stress just everyday B.S. we all go through it and Justin has found a way to help ease you through the everyday battle!

Go now and see for yourself !

Thank you Justin for your wonderful friendship and for being the real person that you are!! 


  1. Sounds interesting I'll check it out. Thank You for the info.

  2. Thanks Jim you are awesome also!!

  3. Great Thursday Dedication I am heading over to Justin's site right now....
    Thank you for joining in the Thursday Dedication
    Here is my dedication.

    Finding One's Way Thursday Dedication

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  5. great advice and i'm off to look now - thanks :)

  6. I agree his writing is uplifting.