Friday, March 11, 2011

Why I love power foods

The comic above is probably how it should be!! LOL

As most of you know I struggle with everyday simple tasks, such as getting out of bed.  My arthritis is in my spine and somedays are worst then others.  My normal days before I started this blog was taking a morphine pill to get relief from the pain.  Now I take vitamins and drink a cup of Chai Tea!  The biggest change is my diet.  I've learned that food plays a major role in our health.  The foods we eat truly can make the difference between life and death.  I now try to eat only whole foods and lots veggies and fruits.  My body is thanking me!  I have lost 23 lbs since I started this change which was only 5 weeks ago.  It is amazing how much I have learned not only by doing this blog but by all the wonderful people I have met here and the information they have shared with me.

Power foods are so amazing, the benefits are even more amazing and I am so convinced that if everyone understood how important it is to make the right food choices there would be less disease in the world!  I use to think I knew what was good and what wasn't.  I found out what I though was good for you was only because of false advertising through large corporate businesses to push their garbage and make you think your doing the right thing but in truth your doing more harm then good.  Learn to read the lables properly and you will see most of the processed foods are all JUNK, they are making us sicker and weaker and obese.

My day begins:

1.Morning stretch... about 5 minutes
2. Full glass of water with my vitamins
3. Cup of green or chai tea
4. 1/2 cup of oatmeal (real oatmeal not prepackaged with all that sugar) I add banana or berries and some nuts. and about 1/4 cup of soy milk
5. 15 minute workout on my abdoer
6. snack on Activa - yogurt
7. Veggie salad for lunch (spinach salad with berries, tomatoes, carrots and lemon and olive oil)
8 10 minute walk
9. snack on handfull of walnuts or almonds
10. have a piece of fruit orange, apple, or cantelope
11. between all this drinking plenty of water and tea.
12. dinner with fresh fish or chicken and loads of greens and beans!
13. some more fresh fruit, strawberries , kiwi, apples

This is the typical but I will change it up every now and then with whole grain pancakes for breafast and sometimes a bowl of oatmeal for super lol ......

Lord knows I am not perfect and it's ok to slip up every now and then but whats most important is that you get right back to the good stuff.  Just these simple changes have made a huge difference.  I have many more changes I need to make but thats another blog!


  1. Although I don't have arthritis, I also try my level best to have these power food. For me, its for energy as feeling tired as I grow older is getting to me.

  2. Hi Angel
    I really love this blog. Health is way more important the photography lol. Recently I have realized the benefit of drinking 8 glasses of water is for your body. Although I think part of the benefit is derived from all the rest you get by being in the bathroom :)I was having some stomach discomfort and read about water being so important ( I think I knew that ???) It has really helped.
    Thank You
    Have a great day

  3. When my daughter first got sick and we had to change her diet, I remember telling my husband that it took my daughter's health to make me realize how much junk food I've put in my body over the last 50 yrs! Even foods you think are good for you aren't necessarily the best.
    When Michaela was in school, the kids used to make fun of her bringing her lunch because of her special diet. Now, her food didn't 'look' any different than anyone else's, they were just being kids. But it made her feel funny and she was sad. At first, I told her that they were just making fun because in reality, they would rather have her lunch instead of the cafeteria food. But the harassment didn't stop. So, I told her to tell them 'at least I won't drop dead from an MI or CVA because of what I'm eating' and let them think on that one for awhile. It shut them up.
    It's sad that kids even eat the way they do. Sometimes, it is just easier to go through a drive thru, or cook out of a can because of the simplicity.

  4. @ Jim , yeah isnt it funny how we know its good but then when we find out why and feel changes everything!

    @Nava - I know the feeling lol

    @Mary - That is so terrible how kids can be so cruel..good for her and you for standing up to it. And your absolutely right it is the simplicity that most young adults will eat junk. But you know it will always be that way because there is not enough teaching on how important it is to eat healthy and why... The fast food chains would go out of business!

  5. Angel,
    I am so happy you visited my blog and left your address so I could find yours. I agree with so much on the benefits of eating healthy. Since my transplant I have been focused on healthy eating and have lost nearly 30lbs this year from just eating. I eat a tonne of kidney beans because they are so healthy for us. And snack with fruit and veggies instead of chips.
    Keep up the great blogging!

  6. @ Aaron, thank you ... I'm with you on the kidney beans they are delicious too lol

  7. A healthy person is a much happier person! Thanks for these words of wisdom!


  8. I have fibromyalgia, and I benefit from the same kind of foods. At first all I could think about was what I should NOT eat--meat, wheat, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, and sugar. It took a while to figure out what other foods even existed!

  9. Love your power food, totally agree..i know it's not easy to get diciplined with your arrangement, but "There's a will, there's a way".