Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Way Of Life - FYI

As one of my readers pointed out, that if you consume red meat or fast foods everyday and think that eating a handfull of power foods will help, you then are not grasping the concept.  The purpose of my blog is to inform and educate on what foods are best and why.  By replacing the bad foods for power foods in your daily diet is not only going to help you lose weight and feel better but will also prevent common diseases caused by the bad foods we so easily ingest.  Most of the time we don't understand why certain foods are good for us, except thats what we we are told.  Here I try to explain what the true benefits are to all the power foods I list.   Exercise if definitely a benefit, simple 5 minute walk, or 15 minutes of stretching and cardio.  Cleaning your house, sweeeping, mopping, doing dishes these are also a daily workout believe it or not. 

I try to do as much research so that the information is as up to date as possible.  If anyone would like to add please let me know.   Below are a few funnies I thought were sending a huge message...no pun intended LOL

Here is a cool way to eat healthier!!



  1. I agree it really is changing your life style not your lunch choice

  2. Haha, great post. Love the pictures. T. Colin Campbell really drives this point home in his book "The China Study", but it doesn't seem enough people really "get" it. I knew you did after reading just a few of your posts and it's very refreshing. You use a whole foods diet to treat a specific disease, and yet your advice works so well for everyone else!

    As for exercise, more and more I'm starting to beleive it's the sheer amount of activity we do, not necessarily what we do. (Try to stay active for two or three hours or more each day, regardless of what that activity is) Walking is as good as sprinting. Yoga is as good as weight lifting. Sweeping the floor is as good as all of them. I think a lot of people fail at diets and exercise plants simply because they believe they have to do one thing, and when they get bored of that one single thing, they give up. Be open to everything healthy :)

  3. @Jim yes it is!

    @Justin , Thanks your comment was refreshing I appreciate the tips!!!

  4. Eating and living healthy with awareness is a way of life. I believe in moderation, balance in everything we do be it in eating, speech or thought.
    Diets come and go. Finding the root to the problem is key.

  5. I have been telling myself this same thing over and over again. I just need to find the motivation to actually put it into action. It's a bad cycle - you slip up and eat food you know that you shouldn't, then you feel horrible and lack the motivation to take the extra time to eat right. At least that is what I tend to do :)
    I like the comics!

  6. I tend to eat when hungry..not always the right food... sorry body

    Cheers A

  7. I love to eat, lucky for me I have a mother who cooks the most nutritious and healthy home cook meals, I have also put my self onto a sugar free diet which I found sugar to be a leading cause in myself gaining weight.
    From Missy at http://beatebeads.blogspot.com/